Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This looks perfect. I no longer have to open up Word to print an envelope.

Widget Watch: EasyEnvelopes 1.0.1: "

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easy_envelopeToday's widget is EasyEnvelopes, a Dashboard widget from Ambrosia that makes printing envelopes ridiculously easy. Search your Address Book database for the address you're after, select your envelope size and print away. Version 1.0.1 includes the following changes:

  • Minimize the widget by clicking on the postmark
  • Fixed a number of bugs where EasyEnvelopes would not properly recognize/use addresses from Address Book that were entered using older versions of Address Book
  • EasyEnvelopes widget is now a 'Universal Binary', meaning it is native for both PowerPC and Intel
  • Enhanced the Japanese envelope printing support, making the envelopes printed by EasyEnvelopes properly formatted in both horizontal and vertical Japanese formats
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(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog.)

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