Monday, October 17, 2005

Sing with me now: EVERY SPERM IS SACRED.

CULTURE: Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support: "In the early 1990s a Swedish man donated his sperm to a lesbian couple, now he is being ordered by Supreme Court to pay child support for the three resulting children.

Although the man signed a document confirming he was the biological father of the children, he told the court the women agreed he would not be involved in their upbringing in any way.

But when the women separated, the biological mother of the three boys demanded child support payments from the man.

The trial passed through regular court, before the man took the appeal up with the Supreme court, where the ruling was upheld.

It definetly sucks for the guy, but I cannot see him having any legal recourse if the agreement of his non-involvement was not recorded in some sort of contract.

(Written by: wottan)


(Via SuicideGirls: News Wire.)

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