Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite OSes. I look forward to taking it out for a beer in about eight years (Canadian Drinking age...)

OpenBSD's 10th Birthday: "Thanks to many for writing in to let us know what we knew already ;) Today marks 10 years of OpenBSD. After a bit of confusion, it's been agreed upon that today is the official birthday of OpenBSD according to the CVS repository.

And now for some words from grunk@:

This day, ten years ago, Theo imported the NetBSD sources to found
his own project OpenBSD, after an ongoing dispute with the NetBSD core team did not work out for about 7 months.

During those months, Theo held back about 10000 lines of diffs he was not able to commit because his access to NetBSD CVS was revoked. They made up the first start of OpenBSD.

So, it is 10 years of OpenBSD today. Happy birthday!!!

For more information on the dispute, see The Wikipedia entry on OpenBSD and Theo's collection of the mail dispute.

Have a cake today, and be sure to celebrate this lovely day! :)


(Via OpenBSD Journal.)

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