Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Precious Allure of Brooklyn


The Precious Allure of Brooklyn: "

dumboview.jpgBy the time we got to the third page of Mark Lotto's ode to Brooklyn in today's Observer, we were starting to think that, in fact, Brooklyn might be the way. The borough's celebrity-friendly neighborhoods, sprinkled with 'Sesame Street idealism' and domesticated couples clutching soy chai lattes, very well may be the antidote to the perpetually adolescent woes of Manhattan living. And, God, it just sounds so damn nice out there. Why don't we just take the leap and cross the river?

‘You know in The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, when, at the end, the hobbits have been up in this fantastic place, and they’ve been hanging out with Gandalf and Liv Tyler and all of these people, right?’ said Edward Wilson, 36, a banker at Goldman Sachs who moved with his wife, Hesu (Suzy) Coue, 39, from the West Village to a brownstone in Park Slope. ‘And then suddenly they’re back in the Shire, and they’re all kind of in the pub. And when we were watching the film, and it’s all over, we just looked at each other and both said, ‘Brooklyn.’’

Investment bankers who think they're Hobbits. That's why.

Welcome to Schnooklyn [NYO]


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