Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Once there is PC hardware that supports the CableCARD device, we should be able to see linux devices coming out soon afterwards that also support it.

Which means finally a workable MythTV setup without needing external Cable Box Tuners.

I can't wait.

Microsoft announces CableCARD for late 2006: "CableCARD

We know they’ve been long and hard at work getting it, and now Microsoft’s finally got the
missing link to their Media Center
platform strategy: CableCARD support. This
means, of course, that no longer will Media
users (or Vista users, as it were) be subject to the whim and fancy of cable operators and their boxes, but
will be able to get true, integrated high definition cable television support straight to the PC. There is a caveat,
however. Microsoft is only penned to get one-way CableCARD support (v1.0), meaning Pay-Per-View, on-demand programming,
advanced EPG, and the like (v2.0) are out of the question.

[Thanks, Dave]

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1 comment:

kuruption213 said...

So if we already have custom built media center pcs. Will this mean all we have to do is buy a pcmcia adapter card. Put that adapter in a empty PCI slot, then put the card in. Finally update Media Center, and presto we have cable delievered HD broadcasts and digital channels?