Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Innuendo. Get it?

The best of England's new "Let's Keep Crime Down" campaign: "


Engadget editors, for instance.

So the Home Office crime prevention department in the UK just launched this three year ‘Let’s Keep Crime Down’
campaign with a specific bend on consumer electronics and portables to, um, help reduce crime. So without further ado,
may we present our picks for the best of ‘Let’s Keep Crime Down’...

[Thanks, Adrian]

LKCD - car criminals

... including the corner of a shop in order to snatch the sweet, sweet
olives within.

LKCD - Treo

Wonder which phone they used for this ad?

LKCD - Trousers

LKCD - apt. pit

How’d they get a picture of Engadget HQ?

LKCD - play public

LKCD - mobiles

LKCD - Bye Pod

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